Saturday, January 22, 2011

[INFO]Victoria & Minho, what is the surprising ‘lunchbox express delivery strategy’ for 2PM

Victoria  and Minho worked together to support 2pm’s comeback stage. As a fangirl  of 2pm including her hubby Nichkhun, Victoria prepared lunchbox and  brought it to the TV station to support her hubby Nichkhun’s I’ll be  back comeback stage.
She said she wanted to make a special surprise  event for her hubby, and as the commander, she invited SHINee members to  cooperate with her. SHINee members gave her a lot of suggestions, and  as Khuntoria’s closest member in SHINee, Minho brought up the idea of  lunchbox of love delivery strategy, and became the leader of the event.  And he showed his active work between Khun and Victoria.
Victoria and Minho’s lunchbox of love strategy will be aired on this week’s WGM.


cr: chinese translation: 泡菜辣火� | english translation: Joe@khuntorialurve

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