Monday, January 24, 2011

[INFO]The funniest expressions from idol star athletics and swimming championships

The MBC Lunar New Year special Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships began filming at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium and the Gymnasium.The entire event will be broadcast on MBC on February 5th and 6th with the additional swimming portion to be filmed on the 30th. Although there were delays due to the snow, hundreds of idols showed up to take part in the track events.These idols meant serious business and threw away their idol image to do their best which resulted in some hilarious expressions. Vote in the poll for the idol with the funniest expression!
SHINee Minho2PM NichkhunSHINee Taeminmiss A Min2AM Jokwon2PM ChansungSistar Boraf(x) KrystalU-Kiss DonghoSHINee Key
you can vote @ minho is leading the vote!
source and cedit: Dkpop

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