Thursday, January 20, 2011

[INFO]EMI Japan explains SHINee's future plans in Japan

Miyake Akira of EMI Japan was asked about SHINee in a recent interview featured in Joongang Ilbo, one of the biggest newspaper agencies in Korea.

We recently reported on SHINee's first solo concert in Japan, where they revealed that they planned on having their Japanese debut in March under EMI Music Japan. The company is famous for a variety of successful artists like Utada Hikaru. Miyake Akira, who also discovered and promoted Utada, will be the producer for SHINee. He plans to promote SHINee as an "all-Asian pop group" to appeal to a larger audience.

In the interview, Miyake was asked why he chose SHINee. He responded, "I met them in Korea twice. They were fresh. I didn't hesitate to make my decision to work with them. They are versatile, they are able to perform different genres such as ballad and dance, and each member has a different musical style. There are many groups with manly and strong images, but SHINee will appeal to the protective instinct of fans with their sensitive and cute images."

Other than the current fans of the Hallyu Wave, he plans to target "women of 30~50s and young women of 10~20s" because they "are showing explosive responses to them." He believes that "SHINee is a rare idol group with sustainable contents such as good singing ability, purity, and creativity. It is unusual to make a successful concert even before an official debut and to fill the two and half hour concert with nothing but performances."

When asked what he thought the strength of Korean idols was, Miyake said, "Korean idols appeal with their music, not just with constructed talents. Their musical ability and quality is much better than that of Japanese idols, and Korea has a more advanced training system. They come into the market in a perfectly prepared state."

The producer's future plan for SHINee isn't completely certain. "Only the debut date has been confirmed." What he knows for sure is that "SHINee can't be defined just as K-pop or J-pop, but will be Asian Pop, that is, A-pop." He is confident that "they will make a success in the Asian pop market after taking in new things from Japan after their debut."

SHINee plans to make their official debut in Japan in March under EMI Japan. Are you excited to see them expand their music careers outside of Korea?

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