Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[NEWS]Welcome to SHINee ‘Selca’ World!

Welcome to SHINee ‘Selca’ World

An overwhelming first concert, we did it!

“[They] really did grow up well.”
Said one enamored older female fan from the audience. Korea was in awe as the grown-up SHINee who debuted three years ago was the main event at a large-scale concert.
On the 2nd, the Olympic Sports Stadium in Seoul was completely crowded with ‘intense’ beloved noona and older female fans at SHINee’s first exclusive concert ‘SHINee World.’ These fans made a great spectacle holding and waving around pearl aqua-colored glow sticks that dyed venue.
They stuck around again and again all for SHINee’s members. On the stage broadcast, [SHINee] prepared a unique stage that wasn’t aired. For SHINee’s first concert they spent almost an unbelievable amount of money and dominated the stage. As an overwhelming first concert for them, the members shared waiting room selcas with Sports Hankook.

# Let’s shine!
With the upcoming performance, the members were encouraging one another in the waiting room. Minho screaming out chants and Onew clapping, while Taemin and Jonghyun flash a smile. They shine like their name SHINee and though they look different, confidence comes out of the members’ expressions.

# Flying in the air
SHINee members prepared special equipment for this performance, utilizing most of the stage. The best being the wires and together plucked up into the air. The stage brought back a childhood innocence, fans spared no cheer as the members went from here to there.

# Starring ‘On’barotti!
Onew’s solo stage was unique. Onew sang a piece from Puccini’s opera ‘Turandot.’ It is a rare song to find at an idol group’s concert. “[I] purposely didn’t want an easy song to learn, taking several lessons, experiencing frustration,” “I wanted to give a big emotion on stage” stated Onew.

# Stage Finale
At the end of the hectic stage at 2 hours and 30 minutes, the members came out on the side of the stage for an encore. With a strong stride they look out from the jutting stage. SHINee, the maknae group of the same music company as DBSK/TVXQ and Super Junior, clearly showed that they were capable to stand by themselves through the concert. They promised their ‘concert hyung‘ groups to make new strides.

# We did it!
SHINee members ended their concert and took a commemorative picture in the waiting room. Onew smiling wide to the still dazed looking Key, the members have their own expressions. However they all display a common sense of accomplishment as their first concert ended successfully.

We asked the members express how they felt ending the concert in one sentence.
“Whatever this feels like is a sense of satisfaction and happiness” (Onew)
“It was really exhilarating, and I want to go on stage again” (Minho)
“It was fun, and starting the very first day of the new year with enjoyable work feels like what I did was a good workout” (Jonghyun)
“It was an exciting and fun time. The best!!” (Key)
“I felt like it was an indescribable pleasure. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it” (Taemin)

source: 스포츠한국
credit: WeAreShining
translation: Joodit@WRS

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