Saturday, January 15, 2011

[NEWS] Onew “Promising” New Musical Actor (Review)

Then, who is a “promising” new musical actor in his view? Musical director Lee Seongjoon did not hesitate to pick SHINee Onew who worked with him for the “Rock of the Ages.”

“Onew is like a sponge and has passion and power. A singer sometimes doesn’t pronounce clearly with music accompanied, but with a musical it can cause a problem to delivering emotions through words to the audience. But Onew’s pronunciation was very clear. If he were not a star, I’d have discovered him. Of course, Kyuhyun has a good mindset and does well. He is consistent.”

Credit: SHINee World Malaysia
Source: Arts News interview with Lee Seongjoon, a musical director of Mozart, Jack the Ripper, Rock of the Ages, and currently Three Musketeers
Translation by: jujugal

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