Monday, January 3, 2011

[INFO]Translation of China Shawol’s fan account of SHINee post concert celebration

Today’s concert ended around KST6.40pm. There were already about 100 Shawols waiting at the carpark, can’t remember the time. About 20 minutes later, Key was the first to come out and went into another car followed by the rest whom took a different car. According to Korean Shawols, Key’s grandmother came to today’s concert so Key has to leave to send his grandmother home. Filial Key!!!! 

The 4 of them arrived at a BBQ restaurant around KST7.40pm and went to the 2nd floor with a cake… The 2nd floor was off-limits to Shawols. There were about 20 to 30 Shawols, so the 1st floor was all occupied by Shawols. Everybody ate while waiting. Key clad in a trendy outfit arrived 1 hour later, followed by Krystal whom left 10 minutes later. Then all sort of celebrations can be heard from upstairs!! Key came downstairs around KST10pm, nodded at Shawols and smiled in acknowledgment, followed by Taemin whom was piggy back by a staff, his face was covered by a jacket over his head, guess Taemin must be drunk. Minho then helped Jonghyun down. Jonghyun was staggering and his face was all red, he must have drank a lot and even gave Shawols a flying kiss. Onew then came down and gave a bright smile and waved. On a side note, we were seated in the first row so we were very upclose to them and Key’s skin is really fair and flawless. Onew has quite a number of pimples and it was heartbreaking to see it. Minho and Onew should also had a few drinks but they walked quite normally.

We then made our way to the dormitory and all Shawols rushed towards it but in an orderly manner. Key then alighted from the front seat, came forward and said hello, he also did a “Shh…” hand gesture, asking everyone to lower down their voices. Jonghyun then alighted, staggering, walking and spinning in circle, it was so adorable that I do not know how to put it into words. He even turned back and waved bye bye before entering the dormitory, all the Shawols present were very touched!!! Onew alighted next, eh, he started staggering too but he still gave Shawols a big smile.

Not sure if it was because Taemin was drunk, the car was drove up to the dormitory entrance, this time the manager hyung alighted and started shouting at Shawols and began to be quite rough, so we couldn’t see Minho and Taemin alighting, I think most probably because Taemin is underage and didn’t want to give Shawols a bad impression etc… The cab driver said that the lights at the dormitory entrance wasn’t on and he drove a few rounds near the dormitory but to no avail so we went back….

Source: CON给力 of Baidu
Translation: veyonce/emianjjong of tumblr

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