Monday, January 10, 2011

[INFO]SHINee arrival in Taiwan today. 110110

“4 members have arrived 10 mins ago. Onew in blue, Key in green (no sunnies), taemin in stripes, minho in suit jacket. 4 members walk with their heads up (no one head down). Fans gone crazy~ duno where SHINee is now ..prob eating lunch now. 4 boys seem like they are in a gd mood.Kibum kept waving and smiling.Saw the “Likey” banner and got shocked. Expression was very cute”

“At rehearsals, some fans heard Replay, Lucifer & Hello. If it is not mistaken, they will sing these 3 songs tonight”

Source: Weibo 
English Translations: Vivz @ Soompi

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