Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[INFO]A Tour around SM Entertainment Buildings (SM Academy and SM Entertainment)

in light of all the SMTown concerts going on, plus the message from ;;SHEinquiring about the SMEnt locations.. I have embarked on an internet search for what exactly does SM Entertainment looks like, both at the outside and the inside. I have come across some pictures… but one can only speculate on what exactly it does look like ^^ it’s still best to be there and see it for yourself (hopefully someday for us xD)

SM Academy is apprently the “college” where juniors train. The SMEnt building I think is for the transactions and artist recordings and stuff.
..not sure about this though xD just based it on some comments on forums and stuff.

Credits: as tagged + 7forum + sina + kpoplover4ever + fangirlmitz

Apparently, the actual building of SM Entertainment is pretty plain (I do see some “Paragon” labels on most of the stalker pics) we see the DBSK boys entering this brown-colored building all the time in Seoul, South Korea.

Credits: af + minsarang + fangirlmitz

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