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[FANACC]Korea-Australia Friendship Concert 110112


Australia’s kpop fanbase isn’t as big as other countries so there were guesses going around for when they’d disembark. There was a general agreement going around they’d arrive at 8:30 am, so my shawoling bff 4 eva named Ann and I went off to greet them.

So we get on a bus: Ann has cardboard and sticky tape, I have scissors. We had this awesome plan of doing a massive MINKEY ONTAE JJONG FOREVER ALONE poster but we didn’t expect to be creeping out of the house at the crack of dawn. So we’re sitting there in the front seats, bits and pieces of cardboard flying everywhere, and basically looking like stalkerish fangirls. (Shush, don’t say the obvious).

The end result … Mmm, Yoogeunnie could’ve done a better job. All the other posters were pretty, and I do not lie when all of them that did not just say SHINee said Onew/Jinki. PERFECT DUBU LEADER HAS THE MOST FANS ANYWHERE.

It wasn’t too big a crowd of pearlescent blue … I’m guessing around 40? (At the concert, Onew was all ‘the airport was filled with our fans so thank you’. Heh.)

They finally appeared around 10:20. There were a few fake alarms just before they came out (someone had the same hat as Key, a tall guy had Minho!ish aviators) and so there was all this piercing screaming going on, all the other normal Aussie families looking politely bemused.

Fans blocked the exit, and there weren’t any security guards, so the managers just backed them onto the wall until something could be done.

Don’t know what was wrong with Taetaebb, but he was in a hoodie and kept his face down the entire time, including when they were shoved into the car. He didn’t look too well and wasn’t as happy and into the dances at the concert as he normally was, so maybe he was sick. Hope he’ll be alright. D: Onew was being all perfect leader, nodding and smiling to the fangirls. Minho just had his normal cool expression on, completely stoic, standing there. Key … well, he waved to the fans and then grinned his gorgeous gorgeous smile. But after a couple of seconds, when they were able to part the crowd, Key hid behind Minho in embarrassment and they had their arms around each other’s backs and steered each other out.


They didn’t take any presents, had their head down, and walked as fast as possible to a white van that was waiting. The fangirls obviously screamed their heads off and tried to claw at the car for a bit but they calmed down soon enough.

All Ann could say for the next two hours: ‘Key is so much hotter in real life his skin is actually milk you can see how it shines he’s so hot so hot so much better than on camera EVEN ONEW LOOKED HOT key is so hot. skinnier and taller and prettier in person. he smells nicer too i could smell his perfume but don’t add that into your fanaccount because that’s creepy.’ (ooops ;D)


I heard a group of Aussie guys camped out in front of Town Hall from the night before to get tickets. Most lined up around 2-3pm though. JK Entertainment/Arirang has been criticised a lot for not giving clear instructions about the tickets, and I must say I agree - although, truthfully, none of these concerts are ever properly organised. Basically, if you donated $50+ to UNICEF (won bin on all the posters! ;D), you got a ticket, a dreadful concert poster where Onew has his 50:50 parting, and a pen.

I won two tickets from the Arirang comp though, and I actually received four more from my uncle because he has connections. Other than another friend of mine, the other three went to you guys in Omona here. <3333 A lot of people sold theirs, but meh, don’t find the point. It was hell trying to pick people from the posts guys, but rosamajalis flew down from the Gold Coast, and mayawelstead from Lismore, so I thought they should get priority. Oh, and I’d been talking to arieo beforehand, so that was that.

Then it was just lining up and some fangirls/boys going crazy for the news reels and passerbys who were all ‘um what is this congregation of asian kids doing outside Town Hall’.

We thought we’d be allowed in by 6:30 because it was supposed to start at 7, but a couple of VIPs went in and the rest of us were let in from 7:05. Concert started at 7:40, roundabout.


#1: Kind of cheesy, but sweet opening of a vocal ensemble (Ann and I are actually in the same grade+school for one of them, and we only knew a couple of hours beforehand, so she was able to get us a signature of Onew +_____+) singing the ‘I am, you are, we are Australian’ thing.

#2: The Australian male MC for the night did a fantastic musical number. He had the prettiest teeth I’ve ever seen, seemed excited/bemused about the craziness of the fans, and flirted with the Korean MC on stage all night. Most of the stuff they said was downright cheesy, but ah, it’s TV.

#3. Ringo from Neighbours, ‘an iconic-ly Australian show’ and a friend of his who topped the Australian charts for a couple of weeks sang their #1 hit ‘Devastated’. The second and last was a cover of Kings of Leon ‘Use somebody’.

And that was it for the Australian part. Yeah, they knew why we were there, basically.

#4: SON HO YOUNG, aka member of g.o.d. He sang his two hits “I Know”, “I’m Crying” and one from the g.o.d. days. He wore a jacket, a singlet top and jeans. Obvs the jacket came off after the first performance, heh.

And can I just say, even if you had NO idea who he was, you had to be taken in by his stage presence. It comes with having had 10 years in the business. I saw a couple of the staff motioning him to be careful, but he just shrugged, jumped down, and actually just ran into the audience. Some ahjumma took hold of him, and he just twirled her around for a bit and let her go. Lots of audience participation, girls swarming up to him, and he just took it all into stride and looked as if he loved it. And when he had to get back up on stage for a bit of the song, everyone would just let him through, and it was as easy as that.

I mean SHINee would never be able to do that, but it’s pretty crazy to see how they could become like that. (Actually I get a sense that once SHINee disbands far far in the future, Jjong could end up like him. But Jjong trying to be hot always amuses me.)

#5: SHINEEEEEEEE. Everyone screaming their heads off, etcetc. Ann was like THANK GOD because they were dressed so well. Their usual black fare, minus Key’s silver pants. But they all looked so … good. No crazy eyemakeup, thank goodness.

Oh! For everything, Taemin sang Jjong’s lines beautifully. I’ve seen fancams of him in other countries even until a couple of weeks ago, and he was a bit shaky. Especially for Jjong’s Lucifer note. But seriously, his voice has improved so much and he actually pulled it all off strongly. *sob* Our maknae Taemin <333

Performed Replay Remix first. (I was only able to record a minute of that at the end because it was so crazy in the beginning, but I for some reason didn’t freak out and move the camera around so it’s good quality). Interestingly, Tae was the one that took care of the official stuff, putting his fingers up to tell them what track it was, kind of signalling for other things to the staff members.
I don’t really know what to say. It’s all just so surreal, you know. It’s crazy though, because I’d keep getting jolts from actions they did. For example, that moment when Onew kind of staggered to his place at 0:14 of my fancam - he does it all the time, you know? And my brain was like OHMYGOODNESS HE’S ACTUALLY IN FRONT OF ME THESE GUYS I STALK 24/7.

Onew’s smiles are so so so genuine though. And if that’s not his real smile, I think I may actually just melt into a puddle if he ever smiles at me properly.

Pause for a bit of an interview! As usual, SHINee was gorgeously adorably boring. Tae was giving out a general cliche answer, and Key moved backwards to laugh and roll his eyes at him. SHO QT.

Theeeeeen THE RUSHIIIFEEEEEEEEER. My fancam has a couple of seconds when they’re announcing their song themselves, and then prepping in the back for a moment so yeah. Basically, just hot hot hot. I don’t know whether it was because Tae was kind of out of it, or Key had silver pants that really accentuated his movements, but wow, um, Key’s dancing. +______+ There were no proper fanchants, but everybody was screaming along with the lyrics.
Last was Hello. They just stood around and sung it, all doing the hello wave. Key was in a really good mood for this one, and whilst he didn’t flirt with the camera that much, he kept glancing up to different parts of the hall and that area would just ERUPT.

#6: Shin Seung Hun. Whilst listening to him, I realised why older people/people that don’t really like idols always tell me that no matter how popular idol groups can become, they’d never surpass these classic people. He’s been in the business for 20 years, peaking in the late 90s I think. He still sings OSTs these days (sang a bit of the IRIS one for us) and such. One of Korea’s iconic singers.

He sang four songs, I think. I thought most of the teenage girls that were specifically there for SHINee would kind of be like oh ok, but they were really into it, and so many of them seemed to know the lyrics/tune - and these were non koreans as well. Probably due to watching a lot of kdramas, ehehehe. Seriously, amazing voice. Soft as silk. If you haven’t heard any of his, youtube him please.

#7. A more upbeat song of Shin Seung Hun’s - Son Ho Young and SHINee joined him. Fans freak out and start screaming. But seriously, I absolutely adore seeing SHINee interact with their sunbaes.

Minwhore was living up to his name and hyungwhoring the g.o.d. guy (finally got rid of his cool flaming charisma expressions and laughed sooo gorgeously omg), Taemin smiling, Key with spouts of craziness, randomly jumping up and down, waving his hand, and whenever he did it, the decibel level would increase thricefold. But Onew, omg. That boy should just forever do covers with sunbaes. He was mouthing along to all the lyrics, and his smiles were so real, and he just looked so excited to be on stage with them. <3333

The elder two would motion to go to the left side of the stage and wave to the people over there, and Onew would be like Oh ok cool, nod his head, and march along with them. I dunno man, maybe it was because Jjong wasn’t there (Jongyu fight for my bias all the time) but he is just so perfect. +_+

#8. Finale. You Raise Me Up, sung by everyone who participated (minus Ringo and his mate). Each group/solo performer sung a line each, and then repeated it all together a couple of times. Everyone’s voices were just wonderful, and … *sobs* I DON’T KNOW MAN, WATCH IT YOURSELF. THERE’S A REALLY GOOD FANCAM OF IT UP ON FOREVERSHININGSHINEE.TUMBLR.COM.

This concert basically solidified my image of SHINee. It’s so weird to see them make the same expressions and smile and wrinkle their nose in front of you the same way you see in a million pictures, a million fancams, a million tv shows. Ann was so drained by the end of it she couldn’t stand up.

Oh, PS. They want to make this an annual thing. And they chose three Korean performers who started with the letter ‘S’ for ‘Super Kpop Concert’ so next year I’m hoping it’s like ‘Beautiful Kpop Concert’ because then we’d have like Big Bang and BEAST or something. Ahem.

ok this is my third time trying to submit this, sorry mods, i’m a fail at these things.

source: my youtube account

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