Sunday, December 12, 2010

[UFO]Jonghyun UFO Replies

2010.12.10 03:00
[Fan]:[Jonghyun] Does oppa want to play a game with me? The losing one will need to listen to the winner’s one wish
[Jonghyun]:What wish?

2010.12.10 04:12
[Fan]:How is Kibum oppa’s exam results?
[Jonghyun]: Fighting (T/N: This reply seemed like a mass reply)


(T/N: The replies below seemed like it was from the same fan)

2010.12.10 04:25
[Fan]: Need to work overnight. So sleepy ㅠ^ㅠ
[Jonghyun]:Work hard. Why overnight~? Onew hyung is sleeping. Ke

2010.12.10 04:29
[Fan]:Because tomorrow is my finals. TT Is oppa not sleepy? It’s already 4am.
[Jonghyun]:Aigoo, take a big sleep after your exams~ Recharge energy and do well~

2010.12.10 04:31
[Fan]:The Lucifer performance during GDA was really handsome. Really got a shock~
[Jonghyun]: Thank You. Ke

2010.12.10 04:34
[Fan]:Oppa! My friend is also SHW! Recently, oppa’s popularity is rising.↑↑ Up
[Jonghyun]:Need to help me promote.

2010.12.10 04:38
[Fan]:Yes sir!Haha so except for oppa, everyone else is sleeping??
[Jonghyun]:Mm, all sleeping. Ke

2010.12.10 04:41
[Fan]:Oppa should also be tired..ㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun]:A little sleepy. Ke

2010.12.10 04:47
[Fan]:My friend who came back from Australia also knows how to sing Lucifer and Noona Is So Pretty! Oppas are international SHINee~
[Jonghyun]:That friend is really a miracle~~~~!!!!

2010.12.10 04:50
[Fan]:Kekekeke Oppa is really too handsomeㅠ!
[Jonghyun]:Talking about Onew?

2010.12.10 04:52
[Fan]:Talking about Jonghyun oppa!
[Jonghyun]:Don’t talk about things we all know ^^

2010.12.10 04:59
[Fan]:You! Hahaha today’s GDA, oppa was conducting for Minho oppa’s birthday song. I saw fancams! Keke
[Jonghyun]:Ah really~ Ke really interesting. Ke

[Fan]:After I heard Hot Times, I immediately fell in love with it
[Jonghyun]:I also fell in love with this song.

Source: Shakizi
English translation: vivz@soompi

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