Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[OFFICIAL]Onew's Message + Sumarry

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여러분? 많은 분들 하하하
오늘은 제 생일 입니다 !!
저만이 아니고 다른 분들께서도 오늘이 생일이신 분이 계시니까
모두들 축하 드립니다. 하하하

전 잘 지냅니다 ^^
여러분들도 감기 걸리지 마시고 하하하
올해 마무리 잘 하시기를 바라며
전 명상의 시간으로 떠납니다 하하하

다시 한번 감사합니다. 하하하
행복하세요 하하하

SUMMARY : He said Congrats or accurately Happy birthday to those who had the same birthday with him . and he asked if there's anyone had a cold like him . He hope that you'll get well soon and He was about to leave to have some medical stuff . Lastly , he said Thank You and Be Happy :) - Summaried by Qyla at MSW

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adda said...

gomawo~ i've been waiting for his messages, is that his pic for this day?

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