Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[NEWS]SHINee Made a Christmas Card "Rudolph Without a Leg"

A Christmas card designed by SHINee was made public.

SHINee recently participated in a charity event named “A Dream of 1,000 Won” in Taiwan. Members showed off their hidden skills painting on a big Christmas card.

It was Taemin who stood out in the painting. However, there was something odd. His Rudolph looked different. When members pointed out that a leg is missing, Taemin explained in haste that it represents “the alienated weak.”

SHINee said they participated in the charity event to bring attention to people in need. Fans can participate in the auction, which starts on Dec. 25, at Hitoradio.com or Taiwan yahoo. [TV Daily]

trans: jujugal @ soompi

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