Sunday, December 12, 2010

[NEWS]Recochoku polls users, “What’s the Next Male K-POP group to break into Japan?”

Recochoku is one of the most popular downloading sites for mobile phones in Japan and recently they held a poll for their users. The poll was titled “What’s the Next Male K-POP group to break into Japan?” and was held from November 23rd until December 7th. The results were recently posted on Recochoku’s website:

1. 2PM
2. Choshinsei (Supernova)
3. SHINee
5. FT Island

If you can recall, 2PM recently achieved an “all-kill” on Recochoku’s MV download ranking, taking all five spots from their top 5 chart.

The article also talks about how 2PM debuted in Japan with the release of their DVD in November and how they’re known for being “Beast Idols” for their strong dancing and muscular bodies. It also states how there’s been many feminine type boy groups but now girls are looking for more beastly type idol groups.

Recochoku’s article also states that Supernova has received high evaluations based on their talented dancing and singing as well as their great figures. A unidentified female in their 40’s stated, “I heard every member can speak Japanese well, and they have a member who is “Ijirare-character” (meaning always get picked on by people in a good way), so I think they will be big someday for sure.” It seems like they get attention because of their personalities as well.

Although many “dance vocal” groups were ranked on the poll, the only band that was ranked in top 5 was FT Island, who debuted in Japan this past May, Recochoku thinks they will be getting more popular in the near future.

It seems both 2PM and Supernova have a good chance to be successful in the Japanese market.

Partial Translations from ayachu & Shiso at tokyohive.
Tip: jenn
Source: Recochoku

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