Saturday, December 18, 2010

[NEWS] Jay Park, SHINee most searched male artists in Korea

Rapper and b-boy Jay Park and boy band SHINee were the most searched artists in Korea for 2010, according to search portal Naver.

Naver is the No. 1 search portal in South Korea, with a market share ranging from 60 to 70 percent. In December 2009 alone, searches on Naver reached 2.06 billion, according to

Jay Park was the most searched solo male artist while SHINee, the most searched male group.

Jay’s topping the ranking may be attributed to his withdrawal from boy band 2PM early this year, the release of his singles, and his comeback to South Korea as a solo artist last June.

Singer IU was the most searched female solo artist, while Girls Generation was the most searched girl group in 2010.

The most downloaded song went to miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl.”


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