Saturday, December 11, 2010

[INFO]SHINee entertains themselves at the Golden Disk Awards

Jonghyun and other SHINee members were recently caught on fancam enjoying a light moment at the2010 Golden Disk Awards.

Check out the cute video after the jump.

Okay okay, so I usually don’t pay any attention to these fancams, as I think they are generally for the entertainment of fangirls and fanboys of a specific artist, but I’m not ashamed to admit I let out a chortle while watching Jonghyun and other SHINee members become totally immersed in attempting to pour bottled water in a glass as impressively as possible as if they were at the 2010 Bottled Water Pouring Olympics or something. Plus, the fact that they were doing this all while being at one of the most prestigious events in Korean entertainment just makes it even better.

A large part of my amusement comes from the fact that these are guys who sing in front of thousands of screaming fans for a living, but the sense of accomplishment Jonghyun has written all over his face after he completes the task of pouring water is as if he just invented nuclear fusion.

Besides, while Jonghyun is undoubtedly the star of the video, it’s amusing to see those around him chuckling to themselves and talking amongst each other about…pouring water.

Regardless, it’s always cool to be reminded that even idols need time to be dorks and laugh at themselves.

Thanks to xgum.mi.bear.x for the tip.
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