Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[INFO]Naver “2010 Most Searched Artists”

Park Jaebeom has ranked in as the ’search king’ according to Naver’s “2010 Naver Male Solo Search.”

Representatives of Naver Music revealed, “Park Jaebeom has shown immense popularity with his loyal fanbase by ranking in at first. Not only his movie, ‘Hype Nation,’ but songs such as ‘Count On Me‘ and ‘Bestie‘ have all received much love from the public upon their releases.”

Park Jaebeom personally stated, “It’s an extreme honor. I’m especially glad that it’s an award given out of the love and interest from everyone. I’ll be promoting often next year in order to receive an opportunity to win this award again.”

Other winners include IU for the female solo category, SNSD for the female group category, and SHINee for the male group category.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
credit allkpop

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