Saturday, August 30, 2014

[STREAM/ENG SUB] 140829 SISTAR's Soyu Prank Call to Key

In the last episode of 1theK’s “Oven Radio,” SISTAR’s Soyu prank calls SHINEE’s Key.

As a part of the “BFF Loyalty” segment of the episode, the girls called one of their friends, who turned out to be none other than SHINee’s Key, to test his loyalty as a friend.

Soyu called Key, pretending she was in a sticky situation at a club. She asked for Key’s help, saying that she didn’t know what to do about a man following her.

Key’s initial reaction was to laugh at her and tell Soyu that she should be flattered a guy was following her at the club, before thinking the situation was real and offering to help her. Her fellow bandmates were impressed with Key’s loyalty to his friend.

SISTAR’s Dasom also showed her funky version of “Touch My Body,” and the girls did a trot version of “Alone” as well as a live performance of “Touch My Body.”

You can check out the episode below!

Credits: 1theK, Koreaboo

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