Friday, August 22, 2014

[PHOTOS] Jonghyun - MBC Blue Night Twitter Upates 140822

''2014 08 21 푸른밤 종현입니다
200일 됐습니다
숫자는 중요하지 않아요
여러분이 곁에 계시다는 게 더 중요하죠♡''

trans: "2014 08 21  Blue Night, I'm Jonghyun.
It's been 200 days.
Numbers aren't important.
Everyone being beside me is more important♡"

''푸른밤 종현입니다
200일 촛불 끄는 쫑디.
케이크는 특별히 자몽맛으로♡''

trans: "Blue Night, I'm Jonghyun.
Jjongd blowing out the 200th day candles.
The cake is a special jamong (grapefruit)"

credits : mbcbluenight

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