Friday, July 13, 2012

[NEWS] SHINee and Dara to be Barbie and Ken for next Etude CF??

"A month (?) ago, we shared a photo of Dara with bangs wearing a pink princess outfit! We speculated that it was for a new Etude CF. Earlier today, new photos were released of Dara and SHINee from Etude Staff facebook accounts. It looks like Dara and SHINee will yet again appear in a new Etude CF and the concept will be Barbie and Ken? This is going to be so adorable!" - OH Dara

What do you think about the new concept? Ain't it going to be cute! Our handsome SHINee as Kens!

Source: Oh Dara! , Lee Hyosup's Facebook Page and @_xandie

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