Friday, July 27, 2012

[INFO] "SHINee the 1st Concert: SHINee World" DVD to be released Aug 8

A DVD of SHINee's 1st Concert "SHINee World" will finally be released on August 8th. Fans can see performances of SHINee's hit songs and the members' individual stages along with special VCRs and behind the scenes footage. The full package comes with 2 DVDs, a special colored photobook, and one type of poster for 33,000 won (approx $30). Korean, Japanese, and Chinese subtitle options are available.

01 Into The SHINee World
02 The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)
03 세뇨리타 (Senorita)
04 Get Down
05 아.미.고 (Amigo)
06 줄리엣 (Juliette)
07 Hello
08 멤버 소개 (Member Introduction)
09.Your Name
10 Stand by Me
11 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)
12 Girls (Jonghyun's Solo)
13 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Romeo + Juliette) [태민]
14 OMG (Minho's Solo)
15 My First Kiss (Key's Solo feat Krystal)
16 A-Yo
17 너 아니면 안 되는 걸 (Romantic)
18 욕 (慾)(Obsession)
19 화장을 하고 (Graze)
20 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
21 산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)

22. 화살 (Quasimodo)
23. Life
24. 공주는 잠 못 이루고 (Nessun Dorma) (Onew's Solo)
25. 섬집 아기 (Island Baby)
26. Ring Ding Dong
27. Up & Down
28. Ready or Not
29. Lucifer
30. Jo Jo
31. 보디가드 (Bodyguard)
32. 멘트 (Talk)
33. 하나 (One)
34. 클로징 멘트 (Closing Talk)

Bonus Video - Concert making film: concert rehearsal, waiting room, individual member interview

Source: applemusic
Translations: kimchi hana @

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