Thursday, July 5, 2012

[PRE-ORDER] Shakizi Special Goods

[PRE-ORDER] Shakizi Special Goods <Cheerpack for SHINee World 2nd Concert Tour>The first special goods by SHAKIZI ☆ (collaboration with WAKA & JUNGHOO)Original notice <link>
Due to a lot of demands from International Shawols, we've worked out with to open up a pre-order internationally! The original pre-order is only available within Korea, but SHINing Encounters will be bringing the goods to all International fans. Check out the details below!

LIMITED MERCHANDISE, ONLY 500 SETS AVAILABLE.First come first served basis.
Cheerpack details:-1. Shakizi slogan towel <샤.럽.건>Size: 102 x 22cm
Material: Microfiber
Printing: Color, both sides

2. SHINee fanart mouse padSize: 22 x 17.5cm
Material: UV Pad
Printing: Color, both sides
Designed by JUNGHOO (design in progress)

3. SHINee fanart cheering fan x 2 pieces (special event for International fans)Diameter: 19.5cm
Material: P.P
Printing: Color, both sides
Designed by WAKA

Freebies: Shakizi Aqua ball pen (Ink color: black)

Special event(s):-From Shakizi:All buyers will receive 2 cheering fans.
From SHINing Encounters:All buyers will receive a piece of SHINee fanart magnet.
First 100 buyers will receive exclusive photos from SHINee World 2012 Arena Tour in Japan. (not from any fansites)

Cheerpack price:-1 Shakizi cheerpack (1 slogan towel, 1 mouse pad, 2 cheering fans + 1 aqua ball pen and SHINee magnet) =14.6USD + EMS
Estimated weight: < 0.5kg per cheerpack
All items will be shipped by the end of August.  
-taken from 
For Malaysia, the price of cheer pack is RM 55 (including local postage+shipping). SHINing Encounters is only taking 500 orders altogether (for international fans), so it is first come first serve basis.
If interested, EMAIL us at with this form:
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  • Contact Number: 
  • Email: 
  • Address:  
  • Quantity: 
and I'll tell you the payment details.

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