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[TRANS] UFO replies from Jonghyun -29/6-7/5-

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[Fans]: "Oppa you're going to Japan and often bbyong*! Come out kkk.. Good  good.. Even you're like that, (pls) come back home?"
[Jonghyun]: "It's in  Korea"  *sound of appearing/dissapearing    
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[Fans]: "I can't sleep, oppa.."
[Jonghyun]: "Sleep! This kid!*" *in a cute version
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[Fans]: "Suddenly I'm thinking.. That Oppa is handsome, as expected"
Jong: "ks ks"*  * sound of him giggling
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[Fans]: "So Shinee is really real"
[Jonghyun:] "Yup, cos we are jjaing"*  *sounds like jjang/great
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[Fans]: "Oppa,I'm still studying for exam, I can do well on tomorrow's exam,right?"
[Jonghyun]: "I say you can do it well"
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[Fans]: "Ttak in the morning*! I woke up and if there's a reply it will be  good..kk Good night night yo~<3"
[Jonghun]: "Jjyan"** *sound of eyes open  suddenly ** sound of him appearing/answering 
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[Fans]: "Ooo, oppa who's been travelling and not sleeping! what are u doing? aren't you sleepy?" [Jonghyun]: "Not sleepy heh"
Source: as tagged, weibo ll Kor - Eng trans by @yaoiraburu Shared by dondontcha @ soompi
Fan: Dear husband … missing you so much Bobo leader chu chu
Jonghyun : Bobo ㅋㅋ???

Fan : wants husband to try the garlic spaghetti that i cook! it’s delicious 
Jonghyun: Hushand erm hahaha

Credit: DC Chinese Trans : The Shining Club Eng Trans: Forever_SHINee

2011.06.29 05:20
[Fan] Please get other oppas to reply UFO kekeke Especially Minho oppa
[Jonghyun] UFO is mine

2011.06.29 05:21
[Fan] Say I’m a warrior…It will really perk me up Then wish that I can pass my exams!!!
[Jonghyun] Pass your exams!!

2011.06.29 05:23
[Fan] It’s the end of the Chou Period 3am! (ie. Chou Period (1am to 3am) where most people had already fallen asleep)
[Jonghyun] 3am!!

2011.06.29 05:26
[Fan] Miss Jonghyun badly Thinking of doing a blackberry casing but can’t decide what colour Any recommendation Jonghyun
[Jonghyun] My handmade blackberry casing is not bad Shall I make one for you? If it’s badly done the trackball can’t work

[Fan] No. 2 on Oricon weekly chart! 91,419 copies of debut single sold! A first for Korean group! In reverse it’s still 91,419 SHINee… You are awesome Really proud of you guys My reason for living! Jinki ah Jonghyun neh Kibum ah Minho ya Taemin ah
[Jonghyun] Thank you~Will do it well

2011.06.29 05:30
[Fan] I don’t have a car so should I get a driving license?
[Jonghyun] It’s better to have a driving license

2011.06.29 05:32
[Fan] Now 5 hours 12 minutes before exams, I’m burning the midnight oil but I’m tired and can barely open my eyes.
[Jonghyun] Wake up warrior

Chinese translation credits: TSC Wang Leehom
English translation: eimanjjong

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