Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[NEWS]SHINee Debut Single Hits Gold First Time as Korean Male Group

Group SHINee’s Japanese debut single has been certified as a gold album, which is the first ever in the history of Korean male group’s debut singles.
SM Entertainment said on 11 July, “SHINee’s debut single ‘Replay-you are my everything’, released on 22 June in Japan, was named ‘Gold Album,’ which is for albums selling more than 100K, by the Japan Record Association.”
This confirms SHINee’s high popularity in Japan.
Their debut single ‘Replay-you are my everything’ sold 91,000 copies only in the first week after it was released and made the best sales record in the category of Korean male group’s debut single.
SHINee will have ‘Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour’ starting from Fukuoka on 22 July through Kobe on 23rd, Tokyo on 27th and 28th, Sapporo on 8 August, to Nagoya on 11th.
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