Sunday, January 2, 2011

[NEWS]SHINee Sends Their Warm New Year Greetings

For SHAWOLS, the best way to kick off 2011 was to see special handwritten messages from their favorite idols.
The boys recently took to their official site and left behind some heartwarming notes for their fans:

Onew cackled, “Let’s have a fun 2011! HAHAHAHAHA

Jong Hyun wrote, “Happy New Year! Best of health!!

Cleverly, Key included the figure of a rabbit in his message, as 2011 will mark the year of the Rabbit. “Happy New Year! Always be healthy! Let’s be as one for a long time!

The artistic Minho expressed, “Happy New Year! Always be happy and healthy! You’re the best~”

Finally, Taemin wrapped up the set with his cheerful message, “Happy New Year! I’ll do my best for the remaining year of my teens! Fighting~!”

cr: SHINee's Official Site
sc: AKP

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