Thursday, January 13, 2011

[NEWS]Receiving red packets, SHINee have no girlfriends! 110112

The Korean Wave for the start of 2011 is here once again, every broadcasting channels are competing for the Chinese New Year Eve Special Programme, no matter in terms of scene, budget or cast. Taking the lead is the prerecorded episode of [Superstar Red & White Artistes Competition] (T/N 超级巨星红白艺能大赏 -> I don’t know how to translate their show name lol], in the drizzle starting from the opening act down the red carpet, the most popular group is none other than the Korean five-membered Idol Group- SHINee, who are back in Taiwan again within two months, as well as the first visit to Taiwan, After School.

The host, Xiao Yan Jie generously gave out red packets on the spot, however not understanding the meaning of [Starts with One, Everything starts anew], the mere one dollar in the red packets gave the Korean guests a shock.
After School performed their hits, Diva and Bang, and also a sweet light hearted new song. Their slender long legs as well as powerful dance moves, vocals, not forgetting the live drumming performance at the start, was a total different refreshed feel from SNSD who swept Taiwan last year with their cute and lovely image, their dynamic charms became an eye-opener to the audience present.
The five-membered group, SHINee, who set a record of sold out ticket sales in seconds for their first Fan Party and took Taiwan by storm last november, arrived at Taipei Arena in the noon for their rehearsal. It was a five missing one performance this time, with the injury of one of the main vocalists. Kim Jonghyun, who had caused a sensation when his relationship with actress Shin Sekyung was revealed, was not present. Host, Xiao Zhong daringly asked the remaining four, “Do you have girlfriends? Do you like Noonas?” Their expressions became stagnant as they peeked at their Korean company staff at the side, hinting for help, while replying in synchronization, “No girlfriends!”, making the present fans scream in delight. Performing 3 songs for the show, SHINee, perhaps because of the loss of one of the main vocalists, showed situations where they forgot to take over singing lines, but nevertheless did not lessen the fans’ passion. SHINee who just ended their Seoul Concert on 1/1 and 1/2, it seems like it’s highly possible for them to return to Taiwan soon again, with the large amount of support from Taiwanese fans.
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Credit: yam @ baidu bar
Chi-eng traslation : weexin @ weareshining

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