Thursday, January 6, 2011

[INFO]SHINee is coming to Singapore around this March or April ?

Ah Ken from FM100.3, hinted that SHINee will be coming to Singapore for concert on around March or April!

You might be wondering how do i know about this, i’ll tell you what happen yesterday.

I was listening to FM100.3 yesterday at around 11PM(SGT). There’s a programme called Seoul Kpop which Korean songs will be played. Yesterday was BEAST’s Yoseob birthday, thus, people are allowed to post their birthday wishes on Ah Ken’s Facebook wall and he’ll read it out.

Someone posted a question asking him whether he thinks that will SHINee be holding their concert at Singapore. And this is what he replied:

Er.. 我不能说耶~ 哈哈哈!好啦,我只能说三月多或四月不要花太多钱啦~对啦,就是这样。

(Translate: Er.. I can’t say anything, hahaha! Okay, the only thing i can say is do not spend to much money on around March or April~ That’s all.)

Then Ah Ken played the song Lucifer from SHINee.
After the song ended, he added on something:

哇,不知道他们会不会唱这首歌~ 那Hello呢?还有我很喜欢的WOWOWOW呢?在韩国和日本都有唱,新。。啊,总之三月多或四月不要花太多钱就对了啦~ 呵呵。

(Translate: Wow, i wonder if they would sing this song. And how about Hello? And one of my favourite song which is WOWOWOW, would they sing it? They have sang it in Korea and Japan, Sin.. Ah, just don’t spend too much money on March or April~ Hehe.)

Ah Ken stopped at the word ”Sin”, i’m sure he’s trying to say ”Singapore” but didn’t because probably he feels that he is hinting too much.

SG Shawols, do you think that Ah Ken is hinting on us? I do think so! This might just be my own point of view. But for your information, Ah Ken is one of the famost host for Korean concerts/fanmeetings in Singapore.

So SG Shawols, do save money on March and April. Whether is Ah Ken hinting on us or not, it’s still better to save! Let’s all hope SHINee would come to Singapore for their concert!

Credit - Admin @zblingx from @Jonghyun_facts

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