Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[INFO]SHINee Cut in France 2 TV Channel

France 2 TV Channel for  "Un Oeil sur la Planète" documentary
Title: Corée : la puissance cachée ( Korea: the hidden power)

The Hallyu wave in Asia is a bit like the modern world was upside down. Twenty years ago the trend was Japanese and the Japanese culture was very present in South Korea. Nowadays, it’s Korea that leads the way.
In 2009, the Korean boys group SHINee embarked on a tour in Japan. The 5 members of SHINee have launched their first album the year before and already have moved a crowd of fervent fans. A friendly ceremonial during which each of them would have the privilege to touch the hand of the celebrities. Then it’s time for the concert and lighting effects. Is it the choreography of the group; is it the looks of SHINee, well-known as it seemed for their clothing style or is it the music that triggers the enthusiasm of the Japanese fans? Whatever the success, there is always a hidden mystery.
In Seoul, to meet the five boys of SHINee is not an easy thing. They are in contract with a talent agency, SM Entertainment, which includes a number of young korean stars of Kpop.
On that day, around sixty high schoolers waited for SHINee, coming to record a song for a TV show. Unluckily for them, SHINee has entered through a back door. Just out from adolescence, SHINee is surfing on the wave of success since two years.
Minho (LOL, they mistook Key for Minho xD), Member of SHINee : “Since we debuted in Kpop, with the impact of the Hallyu wave, our songs quickly became a success. It was incredible. It happened a few hours just right after the launch of our first single. We have really managed to realise how the Hallyu wave was powerful."
SHINee sings lyrics which are in korean but whose titles and chorus include words in American (they meant in English). This song, for example, is named Hello. From an artistic point of vue, the korean Kpop officially aims a very high standard and from a commercial perspective, the international market.
Translation & Credit: kiana78 @ soompi(TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT)

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