Sunday, January 18, 2015

[FANACC] 150117 Jonghyun's Performance at Music Core Fanaccounts


After the rehearsal for introducing candidates for 1st place, Jonghyun grabbed Minho's sleeve and went away cute ㅠㅠㅜ Their clothes color matches well today Hope Jonghyun wins 1st place todayㅠㅠ


Lining up for MBC recording of Crazy~ Its awesome seeing so many Taemin, Onew, Minho, Key & Jonghyun lockscreens at Jonghyun recs OT5
Jonghyun was so so so cute. The energy was amazing for the recording. Jonghyun was really perky and cute and happy and sweet

Jonghyun was standing just off stage and the SHAWols all around me were freaking out and squealing: wah pretty, so pretty,  preeeeeettyyyyyy

Jonghyun was about to rehearse & realized we didnt have a fanchant and he was like: ah stay oh its a dejaboo...thats the fanchant now ^.^;;;

But the SHAWols had their act together today and made fanchants on the spot. They sounded so good!!

Jonghyun was cutely complaining that doing the rap was hard. Said the song was ok but rapping is hard

Fan yelled Jjong can rap as well as Zion. T and he stopped and looked kind of conflicted for a second and then said:....감사합나당 super aegyo~y

I think....Jonghyun was extra tired today because he was being kind of cutey and he usually tries to be super cool keke

Jjong told us we worked hard and that we should go eat as he was leaving ^.^

When Jonghyun did the little butt wiggle in the choreo fans lost their s***. Everytime he raps we lost it. SHAWols were just crazy happy.

Ah Jonghyun is definitely a method actor. For his Crazy recs he's so serious and in the zone and for Deja-boo his manner is super cute .


Deja-Boo recording for MuCore is finished! Jonghyun was really cute and perky this morning.

Before the recording started Jonghyun was standing to the side practicing the dance and hand movements all in his little world.

Jonghyun was coaching the fans at the start on what to fanchant since there isn't an official fanchant made. But Shawols know how to make do

Jonghyun was really focused talking to a camera man about where to look and angles. All the fans were aweing but he kept focused.

One take he did a V sign really cute like. The rest of ths takes he didn't do it.

In the first run through Jonghyun didn't realize the music would be starting so he fumbled to flip his mic and begin. They did a reset thou

 Credits: @BluffJjong, @thaluu, @lilfreakmin0923, @MissEzri

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