Saturday, January 10, 2015

[NEWS] 150110 Zion.T compliments SHINee's Jonghyun for his leadership and professionalism

On January 8, SHINee's Jonghyun appeared at the press conference for his first ever solo album, 'BASE', and expressed his gratitude for Zion.T and rookie rapper Iron for featuring in his album.

When the idol was asked about if there were anything interesting that happened while working on his album, Jonghyun answered, "It was hard to grasp Zion.T's ideas [for the album]. I was thankful that he  participated with such passion. I tried to capture his charming voice and breath. Before I knew it, everyone was infected by his unique way of talking."

Zion.T also revealed that he hasn't worked with many idols, but he felt as though Jonghyun would actively work on his album. He said, "I learned how he leads, and there was not much that I got involved in. Jonghyun must have been busy from all the performances in Japan, but he would leave me with the blank parts after finishing his part. It was really nice. It was fun working with someone with experience and know-how."

Jonghyun also complimented rapper Iron, who featured in his song,"Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)". The idol said, "It was the first time meeting with Iron, so I thought there would be some power struggle. And since I debuted first, I was worried about it more, but when I first heard him rapping, I okayed it on the first recording. I think he is the best in showing [himself] through music. He only had rapped once, but everyone was so shocked that they started to clap [after]."

When hearing Jonghyun compliment him on his rapping, Iron happily responded, "I'm happy that I'm receiving compliments. Hyung, I love you." 

Credits: allkpop, SM Entertainment

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