Monday, July 14, 2014

[NEWS] SHINee takes part in the recording of "The Ultimate Group"

Back in June, it was revealed that China's Jiangsu Television would be broadcasting a brand new variety show called "The Ultimate Group". Viewers in China were also very excited to hear that not only would f(x)'s Victoria and Super Junior M's Zhoumi be part of the hosting quartet, a string of guest appearances from the artists of SM Town could also be greatly expected.

To the delights of many fans, "The Ultimate Group" posted a status on Weibo to announce that shining SHINee took part in the show's recording earlier today!

Photos of SHINee in handsome uniforms for their long-awaited appearance as a full quintet on the variety show, have stirred up excitement in the hearts of multiple Shawols. The producer of "The Ultimate Group" praised the shining idols for their impeccable work ethic, and expressed fondness towards the close brotherhood the members share.

Though the broadcast date of SHINee's appearance has yet to be announced, fans expect the first episode of "The Ultimate Group" to be broadcasted on Jiangsu Television in late July to early August.

Source: SHINee Baidu Bar
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