Saturday, January 4, 2014

[TRANS] 140103 Jonghyun Twitter Update

''@realjonghyun90: ''
Picture Translation: Existentialism
Existentialism (French: Existentialisme) is the philosophical and literary movement that places importance on an individual's freedom, responsibility, and subjectivity. According to existentialism, each person is unique and is responsible of his/her actions and destiny.

Authors and Works
Existentialism in Other Countries

''@realjonghyun90: 요세 공부하는 건데요?ㅅ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ''
[Translation] ''@realjonghyun90: This is what I'm studying these days ?ㅅ? kekekeke''

''@realjonghyun90: 위키백과와 언어사전 검색을 생활화하면 잡지식이 늡니다.
여러분도 궁금한거 맨날 검색해보쎼효''
[Translation] ''@realjonghyun90: If you make searching on Wikipedia and language dictionaries a part of your life, your general knowledge increases. You should search something that you're curious about every day.''
''@realjonghyun90: 엄훠나 오타나쪙 오새''
[Translation] ''@realjonghyun90: Oh ma gad, I made a typo. Osae.''
''@realjonghyun90: 엄훠낭 오새래 요시ㅣ''
[Translation] ''@realjonghyun90: Oh ma gad, I wrote osae. Yoshii.''
''@realjonghyun90: 요시ㅣ래 요새''
[Translation] ''@realjonghyun90: I wrote yoshii. Yosae.''
''@realjonghyun90: 갤럭시메가는 화면크기 메가여서 오타 확률 쩔엉.다른기능중에 모가메가인진 모르겠지만 화면은 메가임''
[Translation] ''@realjonghyun90: The Galaxy Mega screen size is mega, so the chance of making a typo is huge. I don't know what else is so mega about it, but the screen is mega.''

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