Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[NEWS] SHINee to hold their solo concert “SHINee World Ⅲ" in Seoul on March 8-9

There was some good news for Shawols today as SHINee announced their third solo domestic concert in Seoul this March!

The boys' agency SM Entertainment revealed to excited fans today, "SHINee will meet fans through their 'SHINee CONCERT-SHINee WORLD
-in Seoul' at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Songpagu, Seoul on March 8-9."

SHINee will walk down memory lane with performances of their hit songs and also present performances fans haven't seen before of other songs that have been included in their albums.

Ticket sale will begin on February 6, so if you're in Korea, get your fingers ready for the battle to grab tickets on Gmarket!


After having fans wait and wait, SHINee will finally be returning to SHINee world with an exclusive concert in Seoul.

On January 29, SM Entertainment stated that SHINee will be holding the 2014 SHINee World III in Seoul on March 8 and 9 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium located in Olympic Park. This will be the group′s third concert in Seoul. The group previously held concerts in 2011 and 2012.

"SHINee has been acknowledged for its musical colors and talents in 2014 through Dream Girl, Why So Serious and Everybody," stated SM Entertainment. "Just as a second Japanese arena tour with around 220,000 people in the audience proved SHINee′s popularity, we believe that the anticipation for this concert will be amplified."

At this upcoming concert, SHINee will not only be showcasing its hit songs, but will also present other tracks from its albums on stage for the first time.

The ticketing for the concert will begin on February 6 through Gmarket. 


Seating Plan


March 8, 06:00 PM 
March 9, 03:00 PM

Venue: Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium

Ticket price: 99,000 W

Ticketing Information: Ticketing for the concert will begin on February 6th at 8PM (KST) via Gmarket.

Credits: Allkpop, Mwave, Nate, @ichigobooboo


Anonymous said...

Is the price for all seats fix at 99,000 won?

MYShawols said...

The stated price 99,000 won is the base price. The price might differ for each type of seating.

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