Monday, December 12, 2011

MYShawols will try to be back full in action !

  • We're very sorry for MIA.
  • We will post news or info regarding SHINee again !
  • BUT we will not post FANPHOTOS! Since there's so many fansites post fanphotos already and some fansite not allowed to reupload and stuff. We'll just post links like from @Forever_SHINee @weareshining or @SHINeeWorldMY @SHINeePeru and more.
  • For photos of SHINee like in me2day or smtown and such, We'll upload throuh facebook ! And we'll post links on blog :) 
  • We will also take orders if there's any release from SHINee like we're doing now SHINee Diary and OnTaeKey Travel Photobook. Its a non profit project by SHINing Encounters.
  • Thanks for loving and wait for MYShawols. We love you SHINee World !

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