Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[INFO]SHINee Key,’ My mother already buy 40 books of Son of the Sun

On this lovely afternoon, 13 Desember 2011, SHINee held their press conference for releasing Son Of The Sun, SHINee in Barcelona on Seoul Yeongdeungpo Time Square.

Onew,Key, and Taemin members created a diary of their travels in Barcelona, Spain with the title ’ Son of the Sun’. The book will be included their photos and their stories from the time they enjoyed Barcelona also where the best place to eat there. It’s targeted for people who love travelling and also for SHINee fans who would like to know Onew, Key, Taemin ‘s experiences in Spain.
The Book already available in December 8th and made a huge success.
SHINee Key said, ’ After all this time we work on stage finally we could enjoy our holiday there. Actually, my mother already purchased 40 books and asked us to signed it. She said she will give it as gifts for her friends.’
Meanwhile, Onew who absorbed to Barcelona’s food said, ’ We could eat a lot of delicious food here. Especially in Barcelona, i will never forget that i learned to cook Barcelona’s food.’
Taemin said, ’ It’s surprising seeing Onew hyung cooking Barcelona food and it does taste delicious!”
Recently, SHINee’s getting famous abroad, leading the Kpop Wave.
The leader Onew said, ‘Now that we finally can go to other country, alot of people wondering what experience we have. With our passion, and the collection of our travels in Barcelona, we hope people can give us alot of interest and love.
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