Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[TRANS]Jonghyun's UFO Replies 310111

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Fan: I went for fortune telling with the 8-characters of Jinki oppa and mine and it turned out we are suitable for marriage haha. Oppa, you must treat me well!
Jjong: Huh??

Fan: Jjong, what are you doing recently?! Miss you so much~
Jjong: Hehe, I’m lying down

Fan: UFO is here! Please reply fast!
Jjong: Haha, reply

Fan: I want to marry oppa when I grow up ^^
Jjong: Haha, is it possible?

source: UFO town ll baiduSHINee
translate by rong @ weareshining

1 comment:

ayu aditi said...

finally, oppa reply fans menntions
until now
i dont have UFO account
there's all with Hangul, is't right? ._.
i cant write hangul
i cant read hangul
POOR ME ._.V #sad

always luv u Jjong

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