Thursday, February 10, 2011

[News] Female idol groups are stronger than male groups?

Recently many male idols are getting injured which is causing a worry between fans.

Mblaq’s Mir has a spnial injury which caused him to temporarily take a break from his activities.

Representative said “He was being treated but he got a lot better so the treatment was stopped. However with starting up recent activities again, his condition worsened.

Kan of F.cuz, after being casted for SBS Drama “Athena”, he was involved in a car accident, after the car lost control over black ice. He was discharged from hospital but currently he is having a rest.

In addition, October last year, Jong Hyun of Shinee hurt is left ankle during Indonesian promotions. Because of this, during “Hello” promotions, he had to be at back of the stage in a chair or not participate at all.

SuJu’s Shindong, Lee Teuk, 2PM’s TaekYeon, 2AM’s Jokwon have also been involved in major or minor injuries.

Let’s all hope they get well soon!

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Source : NATE

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