Saturday, February 19, 2011

[FANACC]Key and Onew at Maypole Fansign Event

At mapole event today, a fan asked Key why he went to washroom with Onew at idol sports competition. He answered with an embarrassed smile, “Because…… I didn’t want to go there alone…” ^ㅂ^;;;;;;;;;;
At the autograph event today, Onew asked his fan who had “tokki doll” hung on her cell-phone do take care of the tokki not get dirty ㅋㅋ tokki takes care of tokki. so cute~!!!”
During the fansign, Jinki saw a fan’s hand and said “Don’t bite your fingers again…it’s gonna hurt TTTTTTTToTTTTTTTT.” (T/N: The fan’s hands were prob hurt or something)”
Fan: “Kibum ah! We shook hands during the conert!” Kibum: “Mm? Ah.. really?” Fan: “That’s why I haven’t washed my hands ever since! Look at the back of my hand instead… ><”
source: DC | translation credit goes to: april unnie & vivz ♥
Photo source: shakizi  | credit and re-upload: winkme @ soompi 

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