Friday, April 8, 2016

[TRANS] 160408 Jonghyun's Twitter Update

Trans : Every day is just a day in a year, I think birthday is well,  nothing special. To be given congratulations like this,  <3 shy <3 thank you. In the future, I will also share a lot of things. Share new things. My birthday becomes your happiness, even if I am just breathing that becomes your happiness, how much of a blessed life this is! Again,  thank you.

[翻译]每天只是一年里的一天,我觉得生日不是什么特别的事。大家却如此祝福我 <3 害羞 <3 谢谢。以后,我也会继续分享很多东西。分享新的东西。我的生日能成为你们的幸福,即使我只是在呼吸,那也能成为你们的快乐,这是收到多么多福的人生啊!再一次,谢谢。

cr :@realjonghyun90

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