Saturday, October 24, 2015

[PHOTO] 151023 Jonghyun's Twitter Update

Trans : Although all of you have heard this....really.....the album this time is...the best...lyrics is written well...the song is good too...every time when I go through the tracks, I can feel continuous amaze and surprise.

***The song recommended is IU's Twenty Three.

Trans : So they say they're going to reduce the school system in the beginning, middle, and end for induced birth... so they say they're going to produce a government textbook... After having a baby in such a policy, I would not have the confidence to raise [that child] into a human with a healthy mentality and body.  I'm not saying I do not want a child, rather I am scared to have a child.. (source : allkpop)

cr : @realjonghyun90

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