Friday, October 2, 2015

[PHOTO] 151002 Jonghyun Twitter/Instagram Update

아이구 엄마가또 서프라이즈를
Trans : Aigoo, again surprise from mom
(Banner** You have worked hard. You really have worked hard. You are our proud. *It's the lyrics from The End Of A Day composed by Jonghyun, but the my proud part is changed to our proud)

첫콘 끝!! 고맙고 고마워♡
Trans : First concert end!! Thank you and thank you

울누나랑 루가 날환영해줬찌
Trans : Of course my sister and Roo welcomed me

루...왜...못생기게나온거야...너이쁘잖아... 사진찍을때만이래... 이번공연 일등공신 루!
Trans : Roo..why..did you come out are pretty isn't it...
Only like this when taking photos...
The main supporter for the concert this time, Roo!

cr : @realjonghyun90

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