Sunday, May 17, 2015

[PHOTO/TRANS] 150517 Kim Jonghyun's Twitter Update

 잠시 후 열두시에 샤이니 정규 4집 odd전곡이 공개됩니다!

In a while at 12am SHINee’s official 4th album odd’s songs will be revealed! Please look forward to it♡♡♡ 

내가 제일 어린데 나이 제일 많아보임 동안가족들...
 I’m the youngest in age but I look the oldest baby face family members…

 우리 이뿌닝 아이돌 염색했네~~?? 
My sweetie You dyed your hair like an idol~~?? 

Source : @realjonghyun90
Trans by Forever SHINee

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