Tuesday, May 12, 2015

[INFO] SHINee 4th Album 'ODD' Album Information

The album ‘ODD’ is SHINee’s 4th full length album. It is set to release on 12AM KST on May 18th.

The title song "VIEW" is Deep House genre, up tempo music - classy and sensual sound with SHINee's R&B vocal. Lyrics by Jonghyun and composed by 'London Noise'.

'VIEW' sings about beauty of love with mix of various sense.

SHINee will be performing their new title track at their upcoming SMC4 concert on the 15-17th of May.

[UPDATE (150512 2.10pm)]:
The album will consists of 11 tracks.
Estimated price: 14900won / RM50 (without shipping) - from Synnara.

[T/N: Updating..]

Credits: @thaluu, @bysagyehan, allkpop


keyranurfa said...

RM 50??? Seriously?? I WANT IT!!!!

MYShawols said...

To: keyranurfa

That's the price stated in Synnara (korean music site). The total price will be more than that because of shipping.
We might open pre-orders soon so stay tuned. ^^

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