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[NEWS] SHINee rocks the stage at SHINee World III in Mexico

On April 5, SHINee made Mexican Shawols go wild on the second leg of their third world tour, SHINee World III in Mexico! The event was held at Mexico City Arena and was live-tweeted by fans at the venue who gave global Shawols a taste of what was happening at the venue in real time.

The concert began with a revised setlist from their kick-off show in Seoul. SHINee started with an eerie, vampire-like concept and executed intense performances of Spoiler, Evil and Nightmare. They next performed two of their hit title tracks, Juliette and Lucifer, before finally introducing themselves (Key and Minho in Spanish) and formally greeting their eager fans. The boys then briefly talked about their sightseeing adventures in Zócalo, Mexico in where they took tons of pictures.

Up next was a collection of their previous title tracks. The boys donned lively, colorful suits for this round of performances. They started with their debut song, Replay, which was met with high enthusiasm from the fans and was quickly followed by another hit track, Dream Girl, Hello, JoJo and finally rounding it off with Love Like Oxygen.

SHINee did not disappoint in proving their vocal prowess on the next set of performances. The five shining members of SHINee took the stage with one of their most popular ballads, Sleepless Night, which was then followed by the heavenly track, Orgel. The boys then proceeded to sing a crowd favorite, Symptoms, enchanting the fans by executing the song flawlessly.

After that set of charismatic performances, the boys went with a fun and cheerful set, the five-member boy group surprising fans by singing and dancing to Macarena during which they shimmied and pranced around the stage. It was then followed by Beautiful, Real and lastly, the Korean version of 3 2 1 before the boys disappeared offstage for another outfit change.


SHINee then came back donning black outfits and performed a mini dance break, quickly followed by their 2009 hit, Ring Ding Dong, as well as the rock version of A.Mi.Go and ended it with their contemporary complextro track, Everybody, which left the fans hyped up and excited. The boys then sung one of their stunning ballads, Selene 6.23, the song once again showcasing their beautiful voices. Next, a short VCR was shown, giving time for the boys to have another outfit change.

For the last quarter of the concert, SHINee showcased an electrifying stage for their 2012 hit, Sherlock, and was followed by Why So Serious, the title track of their Misconceptions of Me album. The boys then proceeded with their encore performance for the amazing event with Colorful, showering the stage and the fans with colorful confetti, keeping in theme with the song. Before SHINee introduced the last song, Key urged Shawols to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jonghyun whilst Mexican Shawols raised birthday banners — part of Mexican Shawols’ birthday event for the main vocalist of SHINee. Jonghyun gave a brief speech, thanking the fans and requesting that they keep supporting them. After that, Key introduced their last song (in Spanish), Green Rain.

At the end of the successful concert, the five shining members of SHINee expressed their utmost gratitude with a final speech, addressed of course, to the fans for attending their first ever solo concert in Mexico. The members repeated the phrase ‘muchas gracias’ (thank you) over and over and also promised the fans that they will come back soon so they should hang on tight and wait for their return.

SHINee will be performing a series of concerts for the year and the next leg of the SHINee World III Latin America tour will be in Santiago, Chile!

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