Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[NEWS] 140401 Key shares the story behind his prominent eyebrow scar

SHINee’s Key shares an unexpected experience on almost suffering blindness. On the latest broadcast of KBS2 TV's "Escape the Crisis Number One", Key, together with fellow ToHeart member Woohyun, appeared on the show, and the former shared the story of his prominent eyebrow scar.

The SHINee member revealed that it had happened when he was just a kid; he had been playing with a flower pot and fell. The mishap resulted with a deep bleeding wound on his right eyebrow but thankfully missed his eye. The triple-threat (dubbed so, for his singing, dancing and rapping skills) of SHINee then added, “But I think scars are cool that’s why I chose not to receive any stitching that day.” He then confidently showed his scar, making his co-stars and the audience laugh.

Source: TV Daily Written by: ibreatheparadox @ shineee.net
Credit : sfinee

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