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[INFO]SHINee's Official Support Color is Pearl Aqua

After 2-3 years of misunderstanding (really just like playing broken telephone), we have finally found a need to dig into this matter before everyone is misled. Recently, as SHINee is coming to Singapore for their 1st Concert - SHINee World, SHINee's support color has been mentioned alot in talks about support items. We've decided to post clarifications regarding this controversy... Okay, straight to the point.

In 2008, SHINee's Official Site started calling their support balloons - Pearl Aqua Green (펄 아쿠아 그린) balloons.
As seen in the above picture, in the search bar, I typed in '펄 아쿠아 그린' (Pearl Aqua Green), i chose to search among the 'Content' and i was given 3 successful results. This means that the first time they mentioned Pearl Aqua Green was on the 27th June 2008 and the third/last time it was mentioned was on the 29th August 2008.

I clicked on the 27th June 2008 post and this is an extract of the content:
Underlined in red says '펄 아쿠아 그린' which means Pearl Aqua Green. If you're curious, the whole line meant: On that day, we will distribute the support tool "Pearl Aqua Green" balloons for free.

Being a fan since debut, I would say that they don't mention their support color much, or should i say...not at all. So I've always remembered it being called Pearl Aqua Green. The search result of only 3 posts that mentioned Pearl Aqua Green pretty much surprised me. I started having doubts and at that time, i happened to be exchanging messages online with a Korean Shawol. So i asked her if SHINee's support color is Pearl Aqua Green. She said that it was Pearl Aqua Green but some time later they toned it down and changed it to Pearl Aqua. Now lets search '펄 아쿠아' (Pearl Aqua):
Because Pearl Aqua Green consists of the words 'Pearl Aqua', the same 3 results showed up. If we ignore the first 3 topics that I've previously mentioned and screencapped, it shows that Pearl Aqua was first mentioned on 15th October 2009.

Moving on to the latest post that had 'Pearl Aqua' in its content, this is what I got:
As you can see, the last time 'Pearl Aqua' was mentioned was on 7th July 2011 when they posted notice for 10th July's Inkigayo appearance (special stage with f(x) for Hello).

The content of the 7th July post:
The underlined part says '펄 아쿠아' which is Pearl Aqua. In this case, it was referring to the support balloons again.

Conclusion for everything so far, SHINee used Pearl Aqua Green as their official color for the first few months of debut but went on to change their support color to Pearl Aqua later. And it's still being used now.

Now what were the other 'official' colors that everyone has been mentioning? Pearlescent Sky Blue, Pearl Sky Blue, Pearl Blue, Pearlescent Blue, etc. Lets take this easy. The common words in these colors are 'Pearl' and 'Blue'. Forget about the Pearl. I'll search the keyword - '불루' (Blue):
The search result is 'NO DATA'. No results found.
(edit: Ah, i forgot about another spelling for Blue which is '블루'. Anyways I searched, got 4 results, all ended up being combined artistes' posts, where the 블루 came from mentions of Super Junior's Pearl Sapphire Blue)

For those who never knew SHINee's official support color, this is it ((=
For those who were misled, I hope you're convinced.

I'm doing this for the boys and the upcoming concert because I really do not want to see support items in Pearl Blue or Pearl Sky Blue instead of Pearl Aqua or Pearl Aqua Green. I have no idea if this whole support color thing would affect the boys in any way (eg. Super Junior always emphasizes on their sea/sky of Pearl Sapphire Blue) but I definitely do not wish that we end up giving the boys the impression that fans in Singapore don't even know their support color...
It's not the time to blame each other for this miscommunication. Something must have gone wrong somewhere in the English-speaking world because the Chinese and Taiwanese fans have never had a problem with this. Maybe translations from somewhere? Oh well.

Additional / Interesting Information:
This is a capture from the 27th June 2008 post.
Pearl Aqua Green.
This is a capture from the 7th July 2011 post.
Pearl Aqua.
Noticed the colored 'SHINee' in the two captures? both are of different shades. First one has more green.
If we put them together and compare:
THIS! is the difference ^o^ The one on top is the font color which they used when it was still Pearl Aqua Green, the one below is the one that reflects the current Pearl Aqua.

And then there's also this link which has a list of the various support colors for different singers/groups on Koreaboo: The fan war for official idol group colors continues

Alright~ That's all folks! Hope you SHINee-ed your way through LOL. So anyways I hope this post has helped you. Thank you for reading!

Credits: SHINee's Official Site & Koreaboo
Via : Starlight
Shared by : MYShawols

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