Saturday, August 29, 2015

[PHOTO] 150828 Jonghyun Twitter Update

Tweet : 가장 설레고 떨리고 행복한 공간
결혼식장 인거같다....

Trans : The most heart-fluttering, anxious and happy space is probably the wedding hall.... I wish for your happiness!!

翻译 : 最令人激动,紧张和幸福的空间好像就是结婚礼堂啊。。。。祝你幸福!!

PS** Jonghyun attended a friend's wedding and he sang live an unreleased song that he composed together with the bride. The pictures below are his performance at the friend's wedding.

cr : @realjonghyun90, @systaem, @MYShawols

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