Sunday, April 5, 2015

[NEWS] Onew creates an Instagram account under the name "dlstmxkakwldrl"

Onew has joined the ranks of Jonghyun and Key as the third SHINee member to join Instagram. Fans can be reassured that it is indeed Onew, as he linked his well-known Twitter page to the Instagram page.

In true fashion of our enigmatic leader, Onew cemented his presence on Instagram with his first ever post being a picture of what looks like a wall with the straightforward caption, "Wall."

For any shawols who are curious about the meaning of such a seemingly complicated name, we can refer back to some Onew history! His first-ever Twitter was namedtlqdjajrdjdy, which when typed on a Korean keyboard, spells out "십어먹어요" meaning "I want to eat". Onew's current Twitter handle skehehdanfdldi, when typed on a Korean keyboard, spells "나도 동물 이야" meaning "I am an animal too". Following the same pattern, dlstmxkakwldrl spells out "인스타마징기" or "instamajingki", with Majingki being Onew's nickname.

You may follow Onew at dlstmxkakwldrl on Instagram, as well as Jonghyun at jonghyun.948 and Key at bumkeyk.

Source: @skehehdanfdldi
Credit: joAnnwashere @

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