Saturday, October 6, 2012

K-POP STORM Live In Malaysia Event!!!!!

Hello, it's MYShawols!

Here announcing the fanevent upon the confirmation of WBS Concert K-POP STORM Live In Malaysia.
Along with fellow Shawol, Onyuxccy we will be printing free hand banners to welcome SHINee's first visit to our land. Check out the preview of the banner below!

Translations: Finally! SHINee is hereㅠㅠ  

The banners will distributed on the event day itself, venue and time for collection is yet to be decided.
Please spread this project around and bring your friends to collect the banner! Let's show SHINee how much we Malaysian Shawols have been waiting for their arrival! ^▽^

Onyuxccy post:
Updates can be found on our Facebook/Twitter page, or onyuxccy's Twitter.

"We know it's supposed to be 드디어! 샤이니 왔어요ㅠㅠ but we're doing it in an informal way. You guys aren't wrong but neither we. You do not say "안뇽하세요" is wrong just because its not the formal way to spell it. Koreans do use such aegyo sometimes thank you.  
It was our decision to use the words 드뎌 and 와서요, so they are intended, no error. "

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Anonymous said...

is it true SHINee will come to Malaysia? when?? *crazy*

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