Monday, September 24, 2012

[me2Day+TRANS] 120923 Key

[Key] 제생일이 얼마안남았네요.많은 분들의 축하 진심으로감사합니다 ! 샤월누나형동생들이 한마음으로 보내주신선물 잘받았어요 나보다 취향을 어찌그리잘아시는지 너무행복해요 늘 감사합니다 사랑해요 ps 사진은 오늘 서울숲에서 자카르타다녀온 피곤함을 힐링하며 생일케익과 함께


[Key] There's not much time left until my birthday ends. Thank you very much for many people's congratulation wishes ! I received the presents that Shawol noonas, hyungs, and dongsaengs sent through one heart. You know my taste better than I do. I'm so happy. I'm always thankful. I love you. ps The picture is at a Seoul forest today with a birthday cake, healing the fatigue of coming back from Jakarta.

Source: SHINee's Official me2Day
Translated by Kimchi Hana @

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