Thursday, February 2, 2012

[MYSHAWOLS] Appreciaton Post

Hai ! I'm Arqy the founder of this blog. I as represantive of MSW members are happy for our achievement. But we'll not achieve this far without shawols's help . We would like to thank you for everything you did. I cried when this 2nd anniversarry is finally here. Thanks for all your support ^^ Without shawols, we are nothing. First, we would like to say sorry for being such in a long hiatus and a sudden comeback. But we'll try harder to post updates! We're sorry for not posting FANPHOTOS anymore. I as the founder will never allowed any admins to post fanphotos. But can share through some kind of funny post. Why? It'll cost a lot of time and energy from the admin and Im afraid it'll be tiring. So for fanphotos, you can find at WeAreShining or Forever_SHINee or SHINee Soompi. I'm sorry again for not allowing the admins to post fanphoto at this and that events. Sorry again ! But thanks for all the support. We really appreciated it. Thanks again and thanks. We dont know what'll happen to us if there's no Shawols out there. Thank You ! We'll try to work hard so Shawols can get to know SHINee better !


1. This year we'll make TWO projects. But right now we're still in making a proposal to find a sponsor for gifts and such. If the proposal get accepted, SHAWOLS will have a chance to answer and win the prize. We are in MALAYSIA. We'll try to ask for overseas shawols so they can join and not just Malaysian Shawols. So please stay tune for our upcoming project in 2012! and changes for 2012 ! :) 

2. We'll be opening an application to join us as members too ! So please stay tune for the updates.

3. We are the represantive for SHINing Encounters, we'll be taking more orders if there's any realease of SHINee.

1 comment:

Hanna said...

I am relying on you guys!♥
Please keep up the good work.

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